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About Us
Ujuzi Code Ltd is a Software Development Company with a keen focus on custom software solutions. We operate in mobile channels (mobile apps, SMS & USSD), web applications and integration solutions. We are organised in a customer centric manner which optimises efficiency. Our focus is rapid delivery of stable solutions. To ensure delivery we have organised ourselves in three interdependent and complimentary divisions.
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Mobile Applications
Ujuzi Code offers quality mobile applications for iOS and Android. We are accredited by Google and Apple and are part of their development programs in Kenya. Our experts ensure the extensibility and availability of your mobile application across all platforms.

Engage with our team of project leader and analysts to help you understand your project requirements and lead you forward through consultation and technical expertise to deliver mobile applications that exceed your expectations. We are experts in backend integration and development of mobile applications. To complete your mobile application, we can also develop and deploy applications into the relevant app stores or self-hosted App download locations
SMS & USSD Applications
We partner with Several Premium Rate Services Providers (PRSP) in both Kenya and Africa as a whole to provide custom build SMS and USSD solutions that stand alone or require integration to Web based portals for report generation and consumption or Integration to ERP systems like SAP, Oracle or Banking Systems like T24

SMS APPLICATIONS From sending SMS (SMS-MT) to receiving SMS (SMS-MO), we have you covered. SMS can inform customers of promotions, or generate new leads with direct marketing. It can also be used for alerts, voting systems, sending airtime vouchers or reminders for overdue payments. All sending of SMS can be Linked to a shared or dedicated Short Code, while receiving can be done from a default PRSP name or a custom AlphaNumeric

iSMS APPLICATIONS Instead of sending out one bulk SMS message, you can carry on the conversation with iSMS by sending out automated text messages back and forth with the target. The recipient can continue to make selections as they go through the menu on each SMS. iSMS is great for surveys, opinion collection, research or for direct marketing purpose.

USSD APPLICATIONS USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (e.g *144#) is a live two way interaction service that allows you to display a menu on a user’s handset and enables the user to interact with this menu. USSD is not device dependent and can be operated without any form of activation taking place. USSD can be used for surveys, competitions, mobile payment solutions and lead generation USSD content can be personalized.Responses are obtained in real time Our team of SMS integration specialists will realize your project expectations to deliver quality software solutions. We will consult with you, design and develop your application, integrate to your backend, apply for and activate your USSD, SMS or iSMS codes and manage and monitor the service for you.
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Web Design & Development
At Ujuzi Code we specifically design websites and Mobile sites targeted to the market you are looking at attracting, providing these customers with a rich interactive platform from which they can get more information about your company or your products. For Mobile sites we always include the customer’s branding and will redirect the consumer to the relevant format for their handsets i.e. consumers with “Smart phones” will view a site that is formatted specifically for a “Smart phone” with richer media than a consumer with a WAP enabled handset.

For web sites we ensure that we are with you throughout the development and ensure that your brand or company is clearly brought out in an interactive way. We don’t just build websites, we build web solutions for your needs including integrations with payment platforms such as PayPal, iPay, PesaPal, MPESA etc.
Our team of Web Devs will realize your project expectations to deliver quality web based solutions. We will consult with you, design and develop your web app, website or mobile site.
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